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Meet Isaiah 

"Where The Art of Landscaping Meets Innovation"


Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Isaiah Hulse,  "Green Shield is built on the promise of transforming your outdoor spaces with unmatched care, clarity, and efficiency."

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Our Story

Right in our neighborhood, GreenShield Yard Care sprouted up from a simple but bold idea by Isaiah and Lloyd, a father-son team determined to shake up lawn care. They saw a chance to make everything about it—transparency, ease, and quality—not just better, but the best. It was more than starting a business; it was about changing the game. Lloyd, with his deep roots in traditional lawn care, and Isaiah, armed with fresh tech-savvy ideas and a green thumb for sustainability, noticed something missing: a lawn care service that folks could really count on.

That’s how GreenShield came to life. We mixed Lloyd’s time-honored skills with Isaiah’s fresh outlook to launch a service that’s all about you. With upfront pricing and a website that’s a breeze to use, we set out to give you back your weekends and let you enjoy your little slice of the outdoors worry-free. We won't stop at making booking a snap; we will grow, adopting practices that are kind to your yard and the planet. Our crew, trained by Lloyd’s experienced hand and Isaiah’s innovative mindset, works to give you a yard that’s not just cut but truly cared for. At GreenShield, we're building more than beautiful lawns; we're crafting spaces where life unfolds and memories are made. Come join our green revolution—it’s time your lawn got the care it deserves.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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